Training For An HC License in Sydney


HC license training in Sydney

Driving in Australia is one of the most secure career options. If you are planning to get into heavier vehicles the first step is to find a bus driving school Sydney that suits you.

The learning process should be easy and well executed. Enrolling in the wrong school will only increase the waiting time for getting your hands on the license you need. Of course, to become a professional driver you must have a basic drivers course. If you don’t possess one then this is the place to start. You can search for a school that offers a beginners license course and all the other courses leading up to the professional qualification you need.

For driving a truck professionally, you need to get an air bake course and a combination drivers license. Heavier vehicles are difficult to commander and require targeted training. You have to spend a few hours on the road to understanding how large vehicles are driven in close proximity to others.

The rules and regulations that apply to trucks are also identified and explained at bus driving school Sydney. The eligibility criteria for heavier vehicles is different from smaller vehicles. To drive a truck or a bus professionally you need to have held a Class C license for at least 12 months or more. This also requires you to have a provisional license on hand.

If you are a beginner looking to make a living as a professional driver, you have to get the other preceding licenses first. A license for heavier vehicles allows you to drive a prime mover, a semi-trailer and a converter dolly. You can also drive a rigid motor vehicle with an attached trailer. The GVM for this vehicle is cut off at 9 tonnes and can also have an unladen converter dolly with it.


You should be prepared to drive these vehicles during your HC license training in Sydney. An HC license is a heavy combination vehicle license that allows you to commander containers, trailers and other larger vehicles such as a truck or a bus.

During your learning duration, you are required by law to display “L” plates and have a person present with you who possesses the appropriate license i.e, the license for a heavy vehicle. Professional truck driving schools alott a licensed instructor to each trainee for on-road hours. During this time the actual roads, the speed limits the height limits and zones are observed and discussed. This is when your theoretical knowledge comes to life.

A drivers test is basically an assessment of your knowledge and the maneuvers you master during your on-road training hours. A truck driving school Canberra will assess you through mock exams which do prepare you for the real deal. However, knowing your theory reduces the risk of failure to a large extent.

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